Mileage – From City Center


The “City Center” is “Downtown” for a particular area or county. If you request services in San Diego, for example, the mileage will be billed from our office near downtown San Diego. However, if you request services in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, mileage billing from the City Center would be billed from Downtown Los Angeles unless an associate based in the San Fernando Valley is utilized. Services in the San Fernando Valley would not be billed from our office in the City of San Diego. Every attempt is made to reduce or limit this fee.

Mileage is billed is based on the Standard Mileage Rates as outlined by the IRS. Please note, the Standard Mileage Rate – currently $0.545 in 2018 – is approximately the rate that our employees bill us (we usually round up). Additional expenses are incurred by the business per mile and are reflected in the above mileage fee.