A Few Words on Infidelity

From Tiffany…

If you contact me asking for Social Media searches or surveillance to catch a cheating spouse, be forewarned – I will try and talk you out of it. 

By the time someone looks up a Private Investigator, their relationship is already in serious trouble. Trust is in question or gone. Communication has dwindled. I don’t have any expertise in marriage counseling. Instead of spending your money on my services, start with pursuing a resolution. Talk a counselor or to someone from your religious establishment. Hire an attorney.

California is a “no fault” divorce state. That means you do not have to prove any sort of wrongdoing. If you want a divorce, get a divorce.

My services are best used before you are “done” with your partner. In fact, the earlier the better. If you meet someone online and are considering a longer-term collaboration, I can help you look into their background. A relationship is partly a business agreement. Know who you’re doing business with. This is something I do somewhat unofficially. I rarely ever charge for it. I don’t use restricted or confidential databases. I use my research skills to teach you how to do your own research. I’d rather teach you how to do it so you can protect yourself from here on out than just email you a bunch of raw data.

Be safe.