Trusting Michael Cohen

Cohen admitted to lying and committing fraud. People believed him when he said “I did this” to the point he was convicted.

Then he said, “I did this AND here is the evidence I have regarding it.” 

Some of you then said, “we don’t believe Cohen because he’s a felon and admitted to lying.”

Wait. Does he have knowledge and evidence of Trump’s activities or not? You believed him to the point of convicting him, but as soon as his evidence pointed in a direction you didn’t like, you attacked his character… over something you just said you’re convinced he did?

Cohen was part of Trump’s team. Cohen admitted to breaking the law. If you believe his confession sufficiently to convict him, why suddenly do you question the validity of the evidence he presented based on that conviction?

I understand what you're saying about Cohen's evidence. Click To Tweet I still don't understand. Cohen is a liar. Why trust his evidence? Click To Tweet