Services and Fees

Private Investigators primarily provide one thing: information. 


Whether you represent a law firm or insurance company, or you yourself are looking for information, it can be difficult to know what services you do and do not need. Taking advantage of the free consultation will help you determine what information is necessary to conduct your investigation, what results may be available, turn around time, a price estimate, and what opportunities for discounts or packages that may be available.

It is highly recommended that you make initial contact by email. You should receive a response within a few hours. In your email, please be as specific as you can as you describe your request. You do not need to include names or other identifying information. But an email that says “I need help serving my ex in another state” is more easily and more quickly answered than “how much does serving someone cost?” Make sure to mention any deadlines or due dates. You may be charged a rush handling fee for expedited services. 


Many investigations require a 2-hour minimum and are charged at the hourly rate noted above. This includes the pursuit of any open ended assignments or questions, such as the following.

▶︎ Canvassing for witnesses: Were there any witnesses to the traffic accident or slip-and-fall?

▶︎ Locating former employees: Where did former employees of a given business end up?

▶︎ Scene diagrams and photographs: What does the accident scene or location of an event look like?

Flat Rate options are also available. See additional options below. Please note, the above investigations may also be accompanied by mileage and/or database fees.


The “City Center” is “Downtown” for a particular area or county. If you request services in San Diego, for example, the mileage will be billed from our office near downtown San Diego. However, if you request services in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, mileage billing from the City Center would be billed from Downtown Los Angeles unless an associate based in the San Fernando Valley is utilized. Services in the San Fernando Valley would not be billed from our office in the City of San Diego. Every attempt is made to reduce or limit this fee.

Mileage is billed is based on the Standard Mileage Rates as outlined by the IRS. Please note, the Standard Mileage Rate – currently $0.545 in 2018 – is approximately the rate that our employees bill us (we usually round up). Additional expenses are incurred by the business per mile and are reflected in the above mileage fee.


Service of legal documents within 30 miles of Downtown San Diego. Personal service will be attempted three times. After attempting service three times, you will be contacted for additional instructions. 

You may have the option of requesting additional personal service attempts, stake-out service, or sub-service. Your options and additional costs will be discussed in update communications. 

If the documents you need served go to someone outside of San Diego County, please make contact for a price quote. Alternatively, you can also look for an investigator or process server closer to the required area.

California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)

Professional Investigators of California (PICA)

National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)

FLAT RATE SKIPTRACE – $150.00 and Up

(Description of services coming soon.)

Background Investigations – One Individual or One Business


(Description of services coming soon.)


(Description of services coming soon.)

Assets Identification and Research – One Individual or One Business


(Description of services coming soon.)


(Description of services coming soon.)

From Tiffany…

If you contact me asking for Social Media searches or surveillance to catch a cheating spouse, be forewarned – I will try and talk you out of it. 

By the time someone looks up a Private Investigator, their relationship is already in serious trouble. Trust is in question or gone. Communication has dwindled. I don’t have any expertise in marriage counseling. Instead of spending your money on my services, start with pursuing a resolution. Talk a counselor or to someone from your religious establishment. Hire an attorney.

California is a “no fault” divorce state. That means you do not have to prove any sort of wrongdoing. If you want a divorce, get a divorce.

My services are best used before you are “done” with your partner. In fact, the earlier the better. If you meet someone online and are considering a longer-term collaboration, I can help you look into their background. A relationship is partly a business agreement. Know who you’re doing business with. This is something I do somewhat unofficially. I rarely ever charge for it. I don’t use restricted or confidential databases. I use my research skills to teach you how to do your own research. I’d rather teach you how to do it so you can protect yourself from here on out than just email you a bunch of raw data.

Be safe.

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