Sandy Hook Elementary Receives Threat on 6 Year Anniversary of School Shooting

I decided to reflect back on the events of 6 years ago.

Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Elementary School was in the news again today. I wish it were a remembrance ceremony, but it was not.

Adam Lanza, the shooter that killed so many at Sandy Hook Elementary 6 years ago, did not snap. He didn’t have a grudge or an ex. [1]

Authorities uncovered his obsession with previous mass shootings and spree killings in his online activities, including the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.

Documents [2] revealed Lanza had created a meticulous spreadsheet of previous mass murders.

Sandy Hook Elementary School received threats on 6 year anniversary of mass shooting.

The files reveal one woman had an “online relationship” with him for more than two years after meeting him through a website where players adopt the roles of the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

She never knew Lanza’s name or true identity, only speaking under usernames, but described him as “the weirdest person online” who spent almost all of his time researching and discussing mass murders.

[1] Timeline showing Lanza’s mental health and behavioral history.…/timeline-adam-…/

[2] 1,500 page FBI report on Lanza.

Maybe Sandy Hook Elementary should take steps to start anew. Change the name of the school. Change the mascot and/or school colors. Change the phone number, the website, and the email addresses. Keep the people and keep the address. Have a huge rededication ceremony in the fall. 

Would this bury the history in a disrespectful way? I just don’t see how the admin and teachers can work there without being hypervigilant. Maybe a big change will help everyone move on.