HAHNTING: Scrying 2019-02-18

There are a lot of ways to scry, but essentially they’re variations on gazing into a crystal ball, a shallow bowl of water, or some other reflective or semi-reflective surface for the purpose of telling the future. Much like tarot card reading, most of what is seen is not literal. “Death” wouldn’t mean death necessarily, but it might mean part of you is about to change. It could be the death of a bad habit, for example.

I scry by looking at Google Images, Getty Images, Instagram, and Pinterest. Inevitably, some sort of theme comes forward. I might see red shoes over and over in different photos with different styles of shoe. Some of that has to do with the criteria I used to search for images. If I search for “horror,” I’m going to see a lot of scary images. The key is to pull the abnormal from the mundane. What if I were to see an unusual number of ladybugs in the backgrounds of the images? What if I saw those red shoes?

Each of the galleries below have a theme that I pulled from this scrying session. Your brain should recognize a pattern VISUALLY, even if you can’t put to words what makes them similar. The hallway, the bridge, and the tunnel are all similar in the way we see them, despite having very different uses. Don’t try to label it. Just look at the images and think about what makes them similar. Then, if you’re feeling adventurous, see if you can determine what the galleries have to do with each other.

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Floating and falling.

Hands grabbing, wrapping around a corner or a poll.

Gone but not gone.

The Hallway. The Channel. The Bridge.

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