Tampons and Condoms and Guns, oh my!

Troopers confiscated tampons, pads, and condoms fearing they could be thrown in protest. Those with concealed weapons permits could still bring in their firearm. The headline is not inaccurate. 

I don’t think those statements are related, though. Look at them separately. 

• Standing procedure no matter what the issue is: no projectiles, and pay attention to ones that make a statement. If a quarry is an issue, look for rocks or marbles. If it’s taxes, no rolls of coins. If it’s about reproductive health – yeah, they decided no tampons, pads, and condoms. I think that was a gross overreaction on their part. An unused tampon isn’t going to hurt anyone if it’s flung. But, they were probably unwilling to stray from procedure. I disagree with THIS part, this decision.

• Guns go everywhere in TX, why would this be any different? 

People are bringing in an unrelated topic to stir the poo again, I think. Like the cathedral in France and the churches in the South; I guess you can make that correlation but I certainly wouldn’t have.

Was Bigfoot on the Ark?

Recognize that it’s possible to discuss an idea without knowing the full story. Is Bigfoot real? Is God real? Did the flood in the Bible really happen? We don’t know with infallible accuracy.

Ask a rabid Star Wars fan about the Skywalker lineage. Oh, and sit down. This will probably involve diagrams and the possibility that the Force got a little rapey. #PicardIsMyCaptain

Back to Bigfoot and Noah’s Ark. I don’t have a diagram, but I do have a meme.

Bigfoot is described as a bipedal mammal, probably having descended from the same ancestors as apes and humans.

In Genesis, God calls on Noah to bring on “two of each _____ .” The Hebrew word is “min.” In English, it’s usually translated to kind. As I understand it, it’s closer to “seed.” (I’ve seen this idea suggested in a few places, but I do not read Hebrew.)

That’s important: They’re talking about breeding pairs.

Not just male and female. You wouldn’t breed a brother and a sister. It’s specifically breeding pairs. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, house cats… those all could have taken different evolutionary forks off of the same breeding pair. You don’t really need two of every animal. Have you ever seen a Liger? Hybridizations happen, too. The contention is, God knew that.

So was Bigfoot on the Ark?

No, there was no Bigfoot on the Ark.

But a breeding pair that resulted in Bigfoot? I think that fits within both canon.


There comes a time as a Christian when you must ponder the question:
“Was Bigfoot on Noah’s Ark?”

Trusting Michael Cohen

Cohen admitted to lying and committing fraud. People believed him when he said “I did this” to the point he was convicted.

Then he said, “I did this AND here is the evidence I have regarding it.” 

Some of you then said, “we don’t believe Cohen because he’s a felon and admitted to lying.”

Wait. Does he have knowledge and evidence of Trump’s activities or not? You believed him to the point of convicting him, but as soon as his evidence pointed in a direction you didn’t like, you attacked his character… over something you just said you’re convinced he did?

Cohen was part of Trump’s team. Cohen admitted to breaking the law. If you believe his confession sufficiently to convict him, why suddenly do you question the validity of the evidence he presented based on that conviction?

I understand what you're saying about Cohen's evidence. Click To Tweet I still don't understand. Cohen is a liar. Why trust his evidence? Click To Tweet