Paranormal Triage: Cronies Sports Bar; Ventura, CA

Cronies Sports Bar in Ventura, California had a couple of strange occurrences in October 2017, including the tipping of a bar stool and unexplained movement of a chair – both caught on in-house surveillance. I have opinions on the possible cause.

The events bringing interest to Cronies Sports Bar in Ventura, California began with a video posted to Cronies’ Facebook Page, The first video of interest was posted on October 10, 2017 and was titled “Spooky Cronies.”

The first original video can be viewed here:

This 27-second security video shows a bar stool tipping over and no obvious cause.

The second relevant video, 44 seconds in length, was uploaded October 16, 2017 titled “Chair Moved By Itself At Cronies.” This video is also accessible via Cronies’ Facebook Page in the Videos section.

The second original video can be viewed here:

Both videos appear to have been recorded and uploaded by “Jimmy,” later identified as the General Manager of Cronies in Ventura.


I arrived at Cronies on Monday, November 20th at approximately 8:55pm. This day and time was chosen in the hopes of having a relatively empty establishment. Cronies is your typical sports bar. Upon entering the front door, the well-lit bar is to the immediate left. There is also an area with several rows of tables and chairs, similar to a dining area but very rudimentary. This seating area is also very brightly lit. There are approximately 15-17 televisions total, found on every wall of the bar. There are coin-operated video games near the entrance and in the back corner of the sitting area. There are sports jerseys and photographs of players on the back two walls. During one of the interviews I saw on the news with bar owner, someone suggested that there were “dead people on the walls.” Although it is possible some of the photographs are of players that are deceased, its relevance is questionable.

I sat down at a table near the entrance, to the immediate right. This appears to be the same table as that utilized by the family sitting across the “moving chair” in the second video, next to the front wall of the bar. I ordered a Pepsi and chatted with the waitress. I sat there for about 25 minutes, taking notes in my phone. I turned a critical eye on anything that might have caused the chair movement or any possible “energy” in the bar. The floor was extremely dirty. Strangely, there were advertisements on the ceiling. Nothing immediately captured my attention as being the possible cause of the two occurrences.

Paranormal Investigation

I have a process, and I will not go into details in this report. The preparation and closing of my ritual is inconsequential, but the results are fascinating.

I started drawing sigils in a note on my phone. A sigil is a symbol used in magic/magick. The term (in the past) has referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity. However, in modern chaos magick, it refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner’s desired outcome. I came with a very specific outcome in mind, and it can be simplified to – WHO. There is a “charge and release” element. I stated intent, and then I let go. At that point, it was my responsibility to observe again, much like I did when I first entered the bar.

I opened Facebook on my phone. My timeline wouldn’t load. My feed wouldn’t load. None of my friends’ timelines would load. Except my husband, David’s.

If you know anything about divination (as with Tarot Cards), you know that signs in divination are not usually literal. This was not to be taken as “your husband David is the reason.” No, something was trying to put the answer in terms I would understand. What does David mean to me? Husband? Father? Friend? I started thinking about other things that remind me of David. Books? Video games? I typed into my phone, along side the sigil, “it has to do with David?”

I knew my investigation was coming to a close, though I didn’t have any answers. I always take photographs at the very end of my on-site research, just in case an employee gets upset about the photography and asks me to leave. I took ONE photograph, and my phone went from 47% charged to off. I tried turning it back on and was met with the low battery symbol and it would not turn on.

No equipment typically used in paranormal investigations was used (EVP, temperature variance documentation, electromagnetic field detection) was utilized as this was a precursory site visit.


From my computer at home, I was able to again review the two videos on Cronies’ Facebook Page. I continued to try and figure out the significance of “David.” It was at this point I noticed there was a video posted between the tipped bar stool and the moving chair.

Original Video, 1:32 in length, can be viewed here:

This video identifies the owner of Cronies to be “Dave Foldes.” Even more interesting, Mr. Foldes had a strange experience at his house between the two posted videos. I highly recommend watching the video at Mr. Foldes’ house for more information. This may be the “David” I was directed at.

It is my opinion that the tipping of the bar stool and the moving of the chair is not location-based. People are very passionate about their sports, even to the point of having “lucky underwear,” lucky jerseys, and rituals that they do on game day. I believe this creates an energy that may be abnormal, but I don’t see it as paranormal. Cronies has been in that location for 26+ years and nothing like that has ever happened. It is not your typical haunted house or historical landmark.

I do not believe broadcasting Brainwaves from this location would have the desired outcome. I do not think there are spirits or ghosts to be contacted. I think it is a charged location, owned by one very charged individual.


Something unexplained happened several times over a short period of time, and then appears to have ceased. I do not believe the events were mis-reported or a hoax.

At this point, I would recommend keeping an eye on the Cronies Facebook page and see if they have any more strange occurrences. I also believe checking in with Cronies in mid-October 2018 could be fruitful, if the previously recorded events were date or anniversary based.