It’s Not Just a Selfie

Every Private Investigator has something they like doing. They might do it better than others, or they might be the only ones doing it. I am a Social Media Intelligence Analyst. I want to show you how that works. This is a photo of me. Just a selfie, right?

It will have a date and time stamp. It might just when it was posted, but it’s worth noting. If I’m looking for the person in the photo, I can see that it’s probably raining. If I’m not sure if she’s living in San Diego or Virginia, the weather would help. I can look up historical data for the weather in both places. Virginia is cold right now. Too cold for just a sweatshirt. Too cold for rain.

I can also see that there are no buildings across the street from wherever she took the photo. If I have a possible address, I can use Google Street View to look around her neighborhood and see if it looks like what’s in the photo.

I can see the interior of her car in the reflection of her glasses. I research cars so I can say, “oh, that’s a Honda.” Now I know what car I’m looking for. Are any of the cars on the street in Google Street View a Honda? If I have a possible address – and the make and model of the car, and that dangly crystal on the rear view mirror – I would know if this car were parked in the driveway. I can see that she has an iPhone and is drinking Starbuck’s, too.

It’s not just a selfie. 

Start looking at photos – yours and those of others – with a critical eye.

Reverting to “Classic Skype” on macOS

In the middle of December 2017, Microsoft rolled out New Skype. Although the look and feel is simple and fun, it removed a lot of the options power users were used to. Reverting to previous software versions can be tedious and even hazardous depending on where you get the older version. Fortunately, Skype openly offers Classic Skype for those wanting to go back to the Skype they had before the December 2017 update.

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